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Monday, January 16, 2012 | Time: 2:54 AM | 0 comments


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Wednesday, May 4, 2011 | Time: 12:03 AM | 0 comments


hookay! I'ts been months and months since I went back to blogging >< And I must admit ID REALLY MISSED IT =) There are lot of reasons why Im here, blogging again. FIRST is I want to express my deepest greetings to my NEL ( Never Ending Love ) * it's our term of indearment ;) kinda KORNY? haha yea, but it's really sweet and unique :> well BTW going back to the reasons and greetings.. I'ts our 3rdmonthsary todaaaay :D Alam ko naman na mababasa nya to.. nabasa na nga nya laman ng blog ko na'to ng hindi ko nlalaman eh, DBA NEL?xD

To start of with.. I all want you to know our STORY =) But it wouldnt be complete kung di nyo sya makikilala. His name is Lord David Owen Mesa Carandang. OWEN for short :] 18 years of age, incoming 2ndyr Hotel and restaurant management student. and oh! to describe him? I shouldnt forgot the word "GWAPINGS!" haha bka mgtmpo eh x)) ok to be complete I'll also introduce my self for some who didnt know. yea :) Im Maria Cecilia Enriquez Sendaydiego. Macu/Cile for short. an average girl 17 years of age, incoming 2ndyr college under the course Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Kung sya dnescribe kong Gwapings.. panu ba yan, Im his girl version daw many are commenting that. anu nga ba counterpart ng gwapo? Maganda ata? :D:D magkaibang magkaiba course namen nu? wlang ka connect connect eh. pero di bale, mgkakatagpo din yan sa hule. HOHO! :p

JAN 8, 2011 ( saturday )

At around 8am, during our NSTP/CWTS class in the school gym.. I was on my way, walking and finding a seat for me when .. when.. Arg! kkwento ko nba tlga? malalaman na secret ko ehh! >< haha ge na nga.
I was on my way, walking and finding a seat for me when someone caught my attention, someone's EYES that made me feel like stumming. That eyes that belongs to a guy, itago na nten sa pangalang Owen?x) I dont know, ewan ko ba but there's something in that eyes that caught and get me. Maybe cause we have almost the same eyes DAW :] dme ngssbe eh. exactly look a like daw. daw ha xD ( nko di ko pa ata nkkwento sknya to,ung sa mata nya. haha pktay ) and yun na nga. I still didn't know him that very time even though pareho kme ng school, di ko sya nkikita dte and vice versa.

There's this one person, our guy common friend JOJIT. he texted me " MACU. HINIHINGE NI OWEN NO. MO. BBGAY KO BA " eh dko pa nmn alam kung anu name ni owen nun i didnt know na sya pla un, edi di ko pinansin tx. di nmn kse ko nghahanap ng katx nun. Pero un, jojit gave it pren. It's Dismissal time naa, Jit and his current gf that time Pat introduce me and Owen to each other. I just gave a simple smile :) sya nmn, ewan ko ba dun.. parang umiiwas ng tingin sken >< haha pag tumitingin ako lge nkayuko. namaan! That same day ko rin nlaman na he has a Gf. Hindi naman ako ganun ngulat, it's fine with me. Though hindi ko pa nmn tlga sya gusto nun eh, pero tlgang ncaught nya attention ko :>

JAN 9, 2011 ( Sunday )

on this date nya ata ako first tinext? waa. im not sure! haha anyway. That tx, on that night dun ko nlamn whole name nya at nlamn din nya whole name ko x)) un nren start na ngkkatx na kme.

JAN 13, 2011 ( Thursday )

Me and Patricia was having our leisure time at Jojit's place. kaen kaen, kwentuhan. Then bgla nlang tinwagan ni Jojit si Owen inviting him to come over. I refused pa nga, I told them wag ganun kse my Gf pa si NEL nun. cause that time PAT and JIT has a plan to make owen and me together, they have something in their mind that they're not telling me.

Few minutes later dumating na sya, nkita ko nnmn ung eyes nya. arg! xD dmn! kya ayw na ayaw ko tumitingin sknya nun khet mgkatbe lng kme.. mpapatitig lang kse ako sa mata :> He told us then na he and his gf are no longer together. Maybe that's the cue to jit and pat to ask him, tinanung nila if he's planning to court me.. he answered YES. he eventually asked me if kung pde nga mnligaw. I didn't answer. That night, niyaya din sya ni jit to drink. E isa pa nmn ung sa ayaw ko sa lalake, nko edi bawas pogi points!x) bago umuwe, I felt na my amats nato. plge kse nkangiti wla nmn kausap! haha tinanung ko pa sya nun kung ok lang sya. sagot ba nmn: "OK LANG. INAANTOK LANG AKO" enako. halata nmn na nagsisinungaling! haha :P inaantok lang daw, pero totoo hilo na xD reasons nga naman ng mga lalake :P

He drived his motorcycle. sabay2 na kme umuwe. Mybe that time, dun ko nrealize na I like him. maybe cause of the bonding we've shared that night.

JAN 17, 2011 ( Monday )

That's the start of all wars xD His ex and friends against me. afterwards after a month.. I can say na seasefire na :)

FEB 4, 2011 ( Friday )

That morning of FEB 4, swear. I really dont have a plan pa pra sagutin sya, pero nnyare nln nung hapon xD ewan ko ba ^^ there's so many people who helped to make it happened :> I'll never forget that day, nka COOKIE MONSTER pa nga ko na tshrt nun. ahaaa :D:D sya nmn Blue din, a blue polo. o dba? prang ping usapan na parehong mgblue for that day dhl me mnyayare. haha xD

FEB 14, 2011 ( Monday )

Unang pag aaway namen, natapat pa tlga na valentines :// lunch na nun, we're in SM taytay's foodcourt. khet gutom na gutom nko hindi pko mkaorder ng pagkaen! kse nde pa kme bati, wla nga nagsasalita for less than 2 hours din. wla tlga pansinan. pareho kme wla sa mood. Naging ok lang ako nung my isang saleslady ata un, she's beside me.. may bgla sya tinawag ng pasigaw "NEL!" haha can't help it, dahil dun tlga kya naging okay ako. 2pm na nga ata kme nkapaglunch x)) enko grabe gutom ko nun :P what's the reason ng away? S-E-L-O-S. gawa ng mga Chismoso na wlang mgawa >:l it's hard pag ung GF/BF mo nugger, mabunganga. pero mahirap din pla pag my away kyo tapos wla ngsasalita. SILENT WAR x)) nkakatuyo ng laway. di mo pa alam iniisip nya. goodthing ngkaayosdin agad :)

FEB 23, 2011 ( Wednesay )

yea it's my birthdaaay! :D saklap lang inatake ako ng ALLERGY :// bday na bday ko puro red spots ako. so I needed to go back home drink appropriate medicine and take a rest. I texted him na I'll return to school pag hapon naa. Pero hapon na my spots pren :o kya late nko msyado, i feel so wasted and sad pa. bday ko di ko mnlang nkita BF ko khet saglet. Di ppede un, I cant last that day na hindi ko sya nkkita.

Tinatawagan ko sya pero he's not answering, edi ung alam kong ksama nlang nya ang tinwagan ko. I didn't know na aun pa pla magging start ng panibagong away :l when I came back school, gbe na un. We're still ok. but nung ngpunta na sa tmbayan. bgla nlang nag iba. Di nko pinapansen, busy pa sa kakakaen at sa kakwentuhan nya. tinawag ko. "NEL". tumingin lang! >< nkakainit ng ulo! dinagdgan pa ng sbe ni JOJIT na owen is already tipsy, lasing ndaw, edi lalo ko nag init! >< bday na bday ko umiyak ako gawa ng away na yun. ikaw ba nman dedmahin at sungitan ng bf mo sa mismong bday mo pa >:// tapos malalaman mo pang ngselos dahil ung kaibigan ang tinwagan ko daw nde sya. Instead of tears of joy sana nde eh. hayyyy! bute nlang naayos din before that night ends. :)) nde ko kse matiis ung lalakeng un. kaasar! xD

MARCH 03, 2011 ( Thursday )

Im was sooo B-U-S-Y that day. may preparation kse ako na gngawa. I'd even asked for the help of my classm8s and even a professor. I took pictures of them, with their hand holding a letter corresponding to HAPPY MONTHSARY NEL :D super haggard nko! haha bang kukulit kse ng mga yon x) Sympre kelangan aken ung finale, Im the one holding NEL :> khet super pagod regarding the designing, folding and much more.. it's all worth doing for him ^^

MARCH 04, 2011 ( Friday )

1st monthsary :] he customized a red couple shirt for that very day. Why RED? fave color :> I dont wanna elaborate on how I saw that shirt that his wearing.. cause there's UNBUTTONING of polo that happened and arg.. so much for that x)) hky hokay, it's a naughty thing. I needed to unbutton his polo first to see that shirt, arte kse! haha ayaw pa ipakita agad :P but swear, I really appreciate it :)

We went to Sta. LUCIA east grand mall. we eat and eat and eat. One of the scenario that I cant forget.. may narinig lang na tunog ng BELL, ndi na npakali! x) gusto kse ng ice cream! kung san2 na kme nkarating kkhanap kung san nanggagaling ung bell na yon, parang bata craved na craved sa ice cream xDD pero actually gusto ko ren tlga ng ice cream that time kya tlgang nakihanap na din ako wahaaaa :P well, it's worth finding for. msarap. iba ren kse pag mgkasama kyo eating together db?:>

On our way home, may nanyare nnmn :l I told him na " NEL. PAGKAUWE MO SNYO, WAG KA MUNA MAG FFACEBOOK HA? HM, AROUND 8PM KA MAG OPEN" sympre behind my mind Im planning something. Yun nga ung pinagkaabalahan ko nung march 3 :> di pa kse na aupload sa FB ung mga Pics kya I told him na wag muna mag open ;O what's his reaction? enako! nagtampo pa! reason para magkaron ng away part 3 :// akala kse my tinatago ako skanya, any prob or something. Bka raw kse my ngpost sa wall ko na ayaw ko pakita skanya kya ayaw ko sya magopen. Mga isip nga nmn ng mga lalake! xDD tamang hinala e nu?:P
Aun. di ako pinapansin sa jeep >< I saw him na parang inaantok so I told na "NEL DTO KNA LANG SA SHOULDER KO MATULOG" concern ako eh. Ang ganda ng reply sken.. UMILING LANG! sbay sbe "AYOKO!" :/
arg! kaya di ko na pinansen ;/ ako nmn ung inaantok naa, dko na nga namalayan na napapayuko nko, bumbgsak na tlaga ulo ko x)) Bglang sya nmn nagsbe na sumndal nlang daw ako skanya :> so kelangan pla ako ung mghirap muna para pansinin ako? x]

When we got home.. nde pren naaupload ung pinapaupload ko! sbe nung clsm8 ko 6pm daw uploaded naa, naging 8.. hanggang antok na antok nko mag 11pm na ata naupload :/ ang msaklap, nde nko mkapag OL, ayaw nmn mgconnect ng net ;< Pero sana through my little effort.. hopefully naappreciate nya :)

APRIL 04, 2011 ( Monday )

2nd monthsary :)) I woke up late, dko na npansin na nkakailang tx na sya x)) I went to school to see him. we're wearing the mawen shirt, went to SMT, watch CATCH ME IM FALLIN, cool ngae prang nrent namen ung place sa baba ng cinema.. kme lang ung tao xD After watching, went to jollibee for dinner.. dun ko nren bbigay ung RED BG KISSES. I chosed that chocolate hm kse I know we both like sweets pte it's red and the fact na KISSES ang name.. parang i gave him a huge red kiss nren dba? haha xD

LONGG VACATIONNNNNNN ...... Im really officially missing him x(

MAY 04, 2011 ( Wednesday )

3rd monthsary ^^ seriously speaking, di ko nmn expect na aabot din tlga kme.. mtagal tagl nren dba?:> iba na din tlga ung bond namen. ayko kse tlaga nag eexpect pra less dissapoinment. Im so glad umabot kme :) nung bago plang kse, dme tlga me ayaw, kumontra , may mga nagssbe din na hindi raw kme mgtatagal. Pero now, mssbe pba nila yon?. Basta for me, for us. Hopefully hindi kme massira ng dahil din sa mga naninira. Marme pa manyayare, mrame pa makikilala.. new friends, new people. But for me, kahet ilan pa ung dumating at makilala ko.. He'll always be the only one in my heart :] sana pareho kme. Im so glad to have you NEL in my life, you came in unexpected way, hindi ren nmn kse ako searching nun pero dumating ka, you change everything :} I'll prove to you na lhat ng reason for us not to workout are not existing. HAPPY 3RD MONTHSARY my Owen Carandang :*

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011 | Time: 11:50 PM | 0 comments

A tribute to eaning. You'll always remain in my heart. LOLjk! haha prang pang yumao naa. hm pero totoo nmn eh, no joke. You'll always remain nmn tlaga ^^ YIEE! tuwa nyan. halata oh bwahaaa :D


NAME: Jennica Allia Espiritu Laurente
NICKNAMES: Eaning. Eans. Peg. Eaku.
AGE: 17 years old
COURSE: Fine arts major in Advertising
ADDRESS: NPA. xD di ko maalala! paiba iba kse! xD
RELIGION: Islam. Loljk xD Roman Catholic

FOOD: ALL except seafoods (allergic kme pareho dun) and chicken
COLOR: hm .. rainbow?

Si Eaning, we're bestfriends since Highschool days pa. Pero no one knows na muntikan ko na maging mortal na kaaway yan xD nung 1st yr un. npaka TARAY kse! >< taas taasan ba nmn ako ng kilay and much more, dba? cnu hindi manggagalaiiti dun?:p bute nlang patient ako, my perseverance ren, cute pte. haha ngbuhat ng sariling bangko! but yea. we started being close nung 2nd year, seat m8s kme. Since then nko! taon taon na kme mgkatabe, nde namen sadya un.. sadyang ngkakataon lang pag my seating arrangement. Most of my classmates ayaw na ngkakatabe kme, know why? BANG INGAY daw kse namen lgeng dlawa! :P hirap namen swayin, khet paulet ulet na nalilista pangalan namen sa Noisy. haha dba? nung High School uso pa un x) Para na ngang mgkadikit bituka namen nyan eh.. kung nsan ako.. andun sya, kung asan sya.. andun din ako. khet sa CR ng girls! everytime na she'll asked our teacher na MAY I GO OUT.. mag mmay i go out din ako! hahaha and vice versa :D:D


we cant prevent this thing to happen, syempre lahat naman my pina aawayan. Ang di lang namen mawarian.. sa lahat ng magkakaibigang nag away at nag aaway.. smen ung my pinaka MABABAW na reason!
like this:

One time during our 3rdyr. seatmate kme, pareho kmeng nkaupo sa dulo, dun kme nilagay ng teacher. sulok pa tlga! tbe ng cleaning materials! haha. sklap! xD well anyway. aun I was writing down, nrre-write ko sa isang ntbk ko ung mga sinulat sa 2nd and 3rd grading, e while writing ngdadaldalan kme as usual :P .. dldalan at tawanan, dko nmn sinasdya bgla ko nsulatan ung uniform nya. aba! ngsorry agad ako, alam ko kse nsa isip nun eh.. mybalak gumanti xD bgla ba nmn sinulatan ng MAHABA ung ntbk ko! ;O e sbe nga ng teacher nmen dpat neat, kya ko nga nre-write pra luminis tpos bgla sinulatan, syang pagod ko ng 2 araw kkare-write ;/ aun pareho kme tinopak at di ngpansinan for 1 whole day. we're seatmates so mlmang di maiiwasan mgkatinginan mn lang db? ang gnwa ko ng busy busyhan ako :P kunware ngbabasa ko ng libro.. ilang oras un, lipat ako ng lipat ng page khet di ko nmn tlga binabasa ung book.. pra kunware lang busy ako. di ko alam, BALIKTAD pla ung book ko! haha e di halatang nde ngbabasa XDD the other day, when I got to our clssroom, ngkatitigan kme, bgla ko natawa, e sya din natawa, aun bati na kme! :D:D


May pagkanaughty din kmeng dalawa nun, di lang halata sa pgmumukha namen xD

We're walking in the corridor paakyat na ng stairs, eh alam namen na ung crush ko that time ay kasunod lang namen.. gnawa ko inwan ko ung NAMEPLATE ko sa hagdanan, kunware dko alamna nahulog. haha! saklap! ung ineexpect ko na mgaabot sken nde sya :( kung classm8 nya na my crush daw sken ung ngpunta ng rrom at ngbalik xD


nsa canteen kme pareho, buying gulaman. umiinom sya, sbay joke nung ate na nagtitinda " ANUNG UHAW BA NANGYARE SYO? PANG 4 NA BILI MO NA TO AH " pagkarinig nya nun.. bglang binuga ung gulaman! sobrang tawa! bute sana kung basta binuga lang eh.. ang masaklap sa mukha ko nabuga! :// with all smile pa naman ako nun, bagong grooming lang sabay bbugahan lang pla ng gulaman mukha ko. arg! >:P xD


si eaning, NAPAKA dmeng boys nyan. almost 15 na ata dba eans? xD bang dme rin naging crush! may teacher, student, may pari pa nga ata x) may bisexual. lahat2 naa xD ayaw ako gyahin, ung aken wla pa ngang 1/4 ng skanya :P


Jennica Allia Laurente, alam mo nmn na ikaw ang best sa lahat ng friends ko :) thankyou sa lahat. bonding nten and so much more. Ilang years na tyo bestfriends! haha akalain mo yun :P tatag nten peggy! =) mag iinagt lge, npaka accident prone mo kse! kung wla kang bukol, pasa nman meron, pag wlang pasa sugat nmn. banamaaan! :> bsta always remember, dto lang ako plage, khet sawang sawa nko sa mukha mo, kuhet suyang suya nko. haha jk lang =) ikaw pren bestfriend ko no matter what. LOYEYOUsooo SAGAAD! :D

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Monday, March 14, 2011 | Time: 3:46 AM | 0 comments

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